UPDATE: Angola Elects 2022

Zitamar News has a special correspondent on the ground in Angola to cover the crucial elections in August 2022 — allowing us to send free daily updates to subscribers to this newsletter.

Fernando Lima, a senior editor at Zitamar News, has covered all of Angola’s and Mozambique’s multiparty elections since the start of the democratic era in the 1990s, as well as the New York and Bicesse Accords. He is in Angola to cover these elections for Zitamar as well as Mozambican and Portuguese media and the Associated Press.

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This newsletter will go on ice again after the election fortnight is over, but Zitamar Consulting remains available to provide bespoke reports on political and economic risk as the full implications of what could be a turbulent period become clear. Email: consultancy@zitamar.com

NOTE: The regular Angola Briefing described below is currently suspended

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